And it’s a world record for the Bar-tailed Godwit!

Last year I took a series of photos of the birds that I see in my local neighbourhood in Sydney’s Inner West. Ever since I tend to notice if there are any birds around that I haven’t seen in the area before. On Monday morning as I went for a walk around the bay, I came across this one. It was wading in the shallow water and plunging its long bill deep into the sand searching for food.

Not familiar with the species, I did a bit of an internet search for Australian birds and I couldn’t come up with one that fit the description exactly. I then asked my Facebook friends to no avail. My next step was to return to the tried and true method of asking Mum. Success!

Apparently, this is a Bar-tailed Godwit. I’m not sure if it really fits into the “local birds” category as they are migratory birds that span the globe from north to south in their travels. According to Birdlife Australia, they are “the world record holders for non-stop flight: they have been recorded travelling 11,000km from Alaska to New Zealand in only 8 days, flying at an average of more than 50km/h.”


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