Look out for the little things!

crab 2crab 3I’m lucky to live near the water and the associated wildlife. I’ve taken lots of photos of the birds above the water and this summer I’ve even taken some photos of the jellyfish and fish below the water. Now for some of the wildlife that are between the two.

At low tide the rocks are covered in oyster shells but if you look closely in between them you can see these little guys eating by picking things up with their claws and then transferring it to their mouth. It is cute to watch but so easy to completely miss because they are so small (only a couple of centimetres across). A nice reminder to look out for the little things that really add personality to any scene.

These images are available on Redbubble.

Little Crab” was selected as a featured image in both the “Close-Ups in Nature” and “Nature in its Entity” groups on Redbubble.



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