When I was a child my dad worked during the week and my mum worked weekends. When dad needed to entertain us kids on the weekend he would take us to the zoo. As a regular visitor to the zoo in the late 1970s and early 1980s and then again 30 years later, once I had my own children, I have noticed significant changes in the environment in which the animals are kept. The concrete pits and iron bars have disappeared in favour of enclosures that are much more reminiscent of the animals native habitats.  The updates to the enclosures are ongoing. The lions and tigers left the zoo in late 2015 to make way for the building of a new Sumatran Tiger exhibit that is due to open later this year. I understand that people are disappointed when they visit the zoo and find that there are no lions or tigers. Personally, I can deal with a little disappointment knowing that continuing to improve the environment for these animals must be a priority.


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