Birds in flight

I’ve taken a lot of photos of birds but they almost all have something in common. They’re all sitting relatively still. I’ve yet to master taking photos of birds in flight. The swallows in the local park are just too fast to practice on so it was off to the Free Flight Bird Show at Taronga Zoo. Here I was guaranteed to find birds flying in a fairly predictable pattern and also birds that would soar rather than flap wildly!

bird show 1

You can’t go past the birds of prey for providing an impressive silhouette against the blue of the sky and none in Australia are bigger than the wedge-tailed eagle with a wingspan of up to 2.3m.

bird show

Falcons might be smaller than the wedge-tailed eagle but they are still quite a sight!

I’m still not ready to head down to the local park again to try to capture the swallows in flight but I might try some of the larger and slower local birds soon…


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