White Cheeked Gibbon

white cheeked gibbon

The White Cheeked Gibbon, also known as the Northern White Cheeked Gibbon, is native to South East Asia, specifically in the tropical forests of Vietnam, Laos and China.

Gibbon habitat is being destroyed by the spread of agriculture deeper into mountainous areas, as well as logging for fuel wood and timber products. Loss of habitat is of particular concern in China and Vietnam. This species is also hunted for bushmeat and traditional medicines. It is presumed that the white cheeked gibbon is now extinct in China.

When born these gibbons are a pale golden or buff colour, gradually darkening to black over their first two years. When the gibbons reach sexual maturity the males will remain black, while the females like Nelly, revert to the buff colour.

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Photo taken at Taronga Zoo, Sydney


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