Vivid Sydney 2017

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If you find yourself in possession of a camera and in Sydney between 26th May and the 17th June 2017 then chances are that you will consider heading to Vivid.

Vivid Sydney is the largest event of its kind in the world, featuring light, music and ideas. It is produced by Destination NSW, the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency. Vivid features large scale light installations and projections (Vivid Light); music performances and collaborations (Vivid Music); and creative ideas, discussion and debate (Vivid Ideas).

The festival has a number of locations across the city including: The Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, Martin Place, Darling Harbour, Chatswood, Carriageworks, Barangaroo, Kings Cross, on Sydney Harbour, Taronga Zoo and the The Royal Botanic Garden.

While it’s a great opportunity to get some fantastic shots of Sydney’s beautiful harbour and the city, you will be hard pressed to take a unique photo as there are thousands of people vying for the same spots to take the same photos. In 2016 Vivid Sydney had 2.31 million visitors.

Blue tongue

blue tongue 2

A common sight in many suburban backyards, blue tongues are great for controlling pests like snails. Wild blue tongues will make their homes in yards with both hiding places and sunny basking sites. While blue tongues can be kept as pets, like all native reptiles, they are protected in New South Wales and to keep one a a pet you must have a Reptile Keepers Licence. Their short legs make them significantly slower than most of the other lizards in the suburbs.

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Tawny Frogmouth

Today’s selection is one that I hope that in time, I will be able to use to show an improvement in my photography. At the moment my nighttime photography still needs some work but these guys are such great subjects and are regularly spotted nearby so I should be able to keep practising.

Tawny Frogmouths are found throughout the Australian mainland and Tasmania. They are often mistaken for owls. During the day they will perch perfectly still and look just like a broken branch.

Intan the Small-Clawed Otter Pup

otter baby

Intan the baby Oriental Small-Clawed Otter was born at Taronga zoo, Sydney in February 2017.

otter baby 2

He has begun to venture out of his nest with parents Pia and Ketut.

otter baby 1

Intan is eating solid food and learning to swim.


Classed as a vulnerable species, small-clawed otters continue to be threatened by habitat loss, water pollution and poaching for the fur trade.


The full moon on 14th November 2016 was the brightest and biggest “supermoon” since 1948.

The full moon coincided with perigee, the point in the moon’s orbit that brings it closest to Earth, making the moon appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than during apogee, when it is the furthest away from our planet.

These photos were taken in Sydney, Australia. Cloud cover restricted the view of the moon for many Sydneysiders but there were a few breaks in the clouds.


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One of the most common cockatoos, galahs are widespread and can be found in open country in most of mainland Australia. Juveniles have duller colours than adult galahs with their distinctive pink and grey plumage.

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Sulphur-crested Cockatoo


The sulphur-crested cockatoo can be found throughout Australia’s northern and eastern mainland, and Tasmania. A small population has also become established around Perth, Western Australia. Their normal diet consists of berries, seeds, nuts and roots.

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When not feeding, cockatoos will bite off smaller branches and leaves from trees. This may help to keep the bill trimmed and from growing too large. It is this behaviour that causes many suburban Australians to consider them as pests as timber decking, outdoor furniture, window frames and paneling seem to be an appropriate alternative to tree branches.

cockatoo rose 600

Olive Python

olive python

The olive python is one of Australia’s largest pythons, growing to almost 4 metres. They can be found across northern Australia in mountain ranges and savannah woodlands and favour rocky gorges and watercourses. They are mainly nocturnal and will shelter in rock crevices and hollows during the day. They are great swimmers and will hunt in water.

The main threats to the species include loss of habitat due to the development of mining infrastructures and major fire events. They are also threatened by feral cats and foxes, that kill juvenile snakes and compete for food sources. The olive python is also often killed by humans on roads or when these harmless non-venomous snakes are misidentified and confused with the highly venomous king brown and killed out of fear.

Photo taken at Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

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Australian Pelican


While the Australian Pelican is only medium sized by pelican standards, it has the largest bill of any bird. They are widespread on the inland and coastal waters of Australia and New Guinea, also in Fiji, parts of Indonesia and occasionally in New Zealand.

The Parramatta River is the main tributary of Sydney Harbour and the many walking paths around the edges of the river and harbour bays offer the chance to see these big birds up close right in the middle of suburban Sydney.

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A little more domestic than my usual subject matter! This past weekend was my daughter’s turn to bring the class pet home from school. Enter Nibbles, the guinea pig.

The guinea pig or cavy is a domesticated descendant of rodents that originated in the Andes of South America. Domestic guinea pigs have been popular pets fro hundreds of years. They are relatively easy to care for and have a docile and friendly nature. As the pet for a primary school class of almost 30 nine year old children, Nibbles is very used to being handled.

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