Red-bellied black snakes

Normally you see the red-bellied black snakes either slithering along the ground through the undergrowth or basking in the sun. This time was a bit different… it’s spring mating season at the zoo. These two were putting on an impressive display.

red belly blacks

According to the Australian Museum “Males travel widely in search of receptive females and will engage in combat with any rival male that they encounter. Combat involves the two combatants spreading their necks and rearing up their forebodies, and hooking their necks around one another with a twisting motion that leads to the bodies becoming intertwined. After the initial engagement, they lie outstretched along the ground, but in some cases the forebodies remain raised. The object of the combat seems to be to push and hold the opponent down, and during the struggle the snakes may hiss and even bite each other (the biting is not serious as the snakes are largely immune to their species’ venom). In the wild, the bouts may last from only a few minutes for up to half and hour, and in captivity, the same two snakes may engage in intermittent bouts over several days. During these bouts the snakes can become so pre-occupied that they are totally oblivious to their surroundings. Eventually a “winner” is determined and the snakes part ways, with the defeated male then leaving the area.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lens hood to block the reflections on the glass and my camera was still set up for taking photos inside the dark of the reptile house so these photos are not technically great quality but I think that the subject matter makes up for the reflection and focus issues.

red belly blacks 3red belly blacks 2red belly blacks 1


Cuddle Party!


Recreating a scene from “Finding Dory” the otters are having a cuddle party!

The Asian Small-clawed Otter is the smallest of the 13 Otter species, less than a meter long, nose to tail tip and weighing up to 5kg. In parts of India, China and South-east Asia, otters are traditionally trained to help fishermen, catching fish and returning them to the boat in exchange for a reward.

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Photo taken at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Nikon Coolpix P610


tiger 1a

The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest of the surviving subspecies of tiger and are classified as critically endangered, with numbers as low as 400. These Tigers are predominately solitary animals that live on the Indonesian island of Sumatra in lowland forests that extend through to the mountain forests.

Kembali was born at Taronga Zoo, Sydney in 2011.

Photo taken at Taronga Zoo with a Nikon Coolpix P610

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Opera House Steps 1

I don’t often take photos of the Sydney Opera House. There are so many photos of it out there that it can be hard to take one that is not the same as thousands of others. However, I do love the peace and quiet of the Opera House in the early mornings when you can snap that photo without all of the other people that are also taking photos in the shot.

Golden Pheasant

golden pheasant

My last post was all about grey, so let’s go the other way and add a splash of colour! The golden pheasant or Chinese pheasant is native to the mountain forests of western China.

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Making the most of the grey…

My plan was to head in to the city and check out the spring colour in the Royal Botanic Garden. However, just as I stepped off the bus at Circular Quay the sun disappeared behind the clouds and everything looked a bit grey. That got me thinking about the yet to be used monochrome setting on my camera. So instead of turning right and heading to the Gardens, I turned left and went to the Rocks instead.

Red-bellied Black Snake

red bellied black snake 3

The red-bellied black snake is common in urban areas as well as woodlands, forests and swamplands along the eastern coast of Australia. While generally not an aggressive species, when provoked, it will recoil into its striking stance as a threat, but will try to escape at the first opportunity. Its consists of neurotoxins, mycotoxins, coagulants and also has haemolytic properties. Bites from red-bellied black snake are rarely life-threatening, but need immediate medical attention.

Photo taken at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

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